IBF 2023
IBF 2023
IBF 2023
IBF 2023

After the last edition that gathered more than 1000 delegates in 2019 the next ITER Business Forum will take place in Antibes Juan les Pins, South of France from 4 to 6 April 2023.

Today, the ITER project is entering in a new phase, moving from the ITER buildings construction phase to the ITER machine assembly phase and facing the integration challenges.

ITER is moving forward! Don’t miss the unique opportunity to make business contacts on the ITER programme and beyond. See you in Antibes Juan les pins!

Sponsoring IBF/23 will give your business or organization a unique platform for promotion and give you a unique opportunity to reach a new audience and to increase your brand’s exposure.

IBF/23 aims:
  • to learn about ITER status and next business opportunities
  • to facilitate partnerships between industries, within Europe and outside Europe
  • to foster collaborations between industries and Fusion laboratories
This event will include:
  • an industrial conference
  • 1-1 meetings scheduled on line by participants
  • an optional programme of technical tours including the ITER site visit
  • an industrial and R&D exhibition with more than 80 stands

This event is organized by ITER France Agency with the participation of ITER Organization, Fusion for Energy and other Domestic Agencies and with the financial support of local Authorities.

Key-Figures of IBF/17
  • 1005 confirmed participants from 433 companies
  • 25 countries represented
  • 85 % from Europe, 15 % from outside E.U
  • 52 stands on the Exhibition
  • Conference: 1 plenary session, 11 thematic sessions and 105 speakers
  • 1-1 meetings: 4.988 submitted requests, 1.141 confirmed meetings (i.e. 23%) and as many informal meetings scheduled on-site
  • 5 technical tours organized for 105 attendees among which: visit of ITER worksite

IBF 2023

Key-results of the IBF/17 satisfaction survey

  • The conference allowed participants to get a better understanding:
    - of the ITER project’s stakes for 99 % of survey respondents (*)
    - and the forthcoming calls for tenders for 97 %
  • 92 % were able to meet some IO or Domestic Agencies’ staff members
  • 93 % were satisfied by the organization of the 1-1 meetings
  • These contacts were useful, beyond ITER, for participants’ core business for 84 %
  • The Exhibition gave an added value to this event for 96 %
  • This event allowed participants to identify potential clients, partners or subcontractors for 96 %
(*) 351 respondents out of 1005 confirmed attendees (35%)